sempre que me partem o coração, é do lado direito
acrylic on canvas
1000 x 400 cm
La beauté sera convulsive ou ne sera pas (2023)

by division and differentiation
short film 14’37’’

︎︎︎ virtual exhibition
Awarded as Green Years Best Portuguese Film by Doclisboa (2023)

Field Theory
and by division and differentiation (2023)

The Complete Guide to Nothingness
digital print on textile, iron structure

︎ La Casa Encendida / Galerna
Porto Municipal Council’s Art Collection 

Pissing in a river (2023), Devenir Isla (Madrid ES, 2022)

Shape-shifters, around
wrought iron, sand, glitter, optical filters

︎ Filipe Braga
Como plantar um penedo (2022)

how to make a fossil in a single day
vinyl, optical filters, sand

how to make a fossil in a single day (2022)